Nile River Media Production LLC (hereinafter Nile River Media Production) agrees to rent their equipment in accordance with the following stipulations. The Renter hereby assumes all responsibility for any and all damages or loss to said equipment and agrees to pay all costs of repairs if it is rendered out of service through accident, misuse or neglect.

  • In case of loss or destruction of equipment or loss of possession thereof, or inability to return equipment to Nile River Media Production, the Renter agrees to pay said company complete and full current replacement costs of the equipment.
  • Renter further agrees to allow free access to equipment for purpose of service or removal and guarantees to allow Nile River Media Production to enter Renter’s premise at any time to service equipment and reclaim equipment upon completion of contracted rental period.
  • The charges herein do not include any electrical charges that may be incurred due to the extent of your audiovisual requirements.
  • Nile River Media Production retains all title and rights to equipment and accessories and is held free of any liens or attachments which may occur while equipment is in possession of Renter.
  • The Renter declares to have received the equipment in good operating condition.
  • It is agreed that Nile River Media Production assumes no liability for any loss, property damage or personal injuries received in conjunction with the operation or transportation of said rented equipment.
  • Renter agrees to use equipment according to instructions and further agrees to notify Nile River Media Production of any interruption of service or damage or failure of equipment.
  • A day’s rental period is all or any portion of each 24-hour period starting at 07:00 and continuing through 05:59. Renter agrees to pay rental fee stipulated for the period stated. If equipment is kept for a longer period, rental fees will be charged at the stated rate until the equipment is returned to the possession of Nile River Media Production.
  • Labor costs included in any proposal are estimated. Actual hours and any applicable overtime will be billed at prevailing rates.
  • If necessary to enforce the collection of amount due under this contract, Renter agrees to pay all collection costs and charges including court costs and attorney’s fees.
  • Renter hereby acknowledges by his/her signature that payment for charges for services and goods rendered, as well as, damage or destruction to said equipment can be charged to a valid credit card in lieu of other financial agreements.
  • This contract supersedes any and all previous verbal or written contracts and is held inviolable unless mutually agreed in writing.

DAMAGE WAIVER: In consideration of the payment of additional fee equal to 5% of the equipment rental charges, the Company agrees to waive any liability of the Renter for loss or damage resulting from (a) fire, flood, lightning, or other Acts of God, or (b) theft of the equipment, or (c) robbery or vandalism. This waiver does not apply to any loss or damage in whole or in part caused by the negligence of Renter or any guest or member of Renter’s group. This waiver is not insurance.

  • It is understood that Nile River Media Production does not own or control the telecommunications facilities used to access the Internet and that the Internet is a non-regulated public domain. Any failure in the internet will not be the problem of Nile River Media Production and Renter need to resolve with the provider/hotel.
  • Cancellation charges will be incurred at 100% for cancellations within 24 hours of your event.
  • You are responsible for bringing your own NIC (Network Interface Card).
  • All materials and equipment furnished by Nile River Media Production for this service order shall remain the property of Nile River Media Production and shall be removed only by Nile River Media Production at the close of the meeting.
  • All request for services after your arrival are subject to the availability of the equipment and the services of our technicians.
  • Emergency service is an additional 40% of the listed prices.
  • Under no circumstances shall anyone attempt to gain unauthorized access to or tamper with any part of the equipment or network.
  • You agree to remain entirely liable for all activities conducted through the network connections.
  • The Nile River Media services only will be used for lawful purposes and in accordance with these terms and conditions. Transition of any materials in violation of any local, state, federal, or international regulation(s) is prohibited. This includes but not limited to, copyrighted materials legally judged to be threatening or obscene, or material protected by trade secrets.
  • The hotel maintains its own wireless network throughout all public and meeting spaces, therefore due to potential conflicts with regard to the 802.11 protocol guests are prohibited from operating their own access points.
  • You or your IT professional will be responsible for appropriate computer configuration for the service provided. Nile River Media Production personnel cannot be responsible for making configuration changes to your personal computer.
  • If you are uncertain of your requirements or for any changes you must notify the Director of Event Technologies so that you will be assigned with technical expert.
  • All Charges are billed to clients’ Master Account/CC on file.
  • If you are bringing a computer that will be used for presentation purposes during your event, the computer should be tested with the show equipment. Nile River Media Production recommends testing the equipment to ensure compatibility and a smooth show. Please be sure you are familiar with the operation of both your computer and software.
  • Cancellation charges will be incurred at 100% for equipment and labor cancelled within 7 days of your event, 75% between 15-8 days and 50% within 16-30 days.
  • All equipment rentals are based upon a per room basis and not to be taken out of initial set up room for use elsewhere.
  • You must notify Nile River Media Production contact assigned for the event for any changes.
  • No service will be provided without a signed copy of the invoice/agreement.
  • These terms and conditions supersede all previous representations, understanding, or agreements and shall prevail notwithstanding any variance with terms and conditions of any order submitted. These terms and conditions may be modified by Nile River Media Production at any time.


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