Sony Full HD Studio Camera

he Full HD Studio Camera with 3.5″ Portable Viewfinder, Mic, and 20x Lens includes a 2/3″ HD camera that features three Sony Exmor CMOS sensors offering Full HD picture quality. The camera supports the 3G-SDI platform, with 1080p 50 and 59.94 signal processing, while maintaining low power consumption. The processor supports 1080PsF 23.98, as well as 25 and 29.97. Combined with the HXCU-FB80 CCU, the camera’s output is 4K upscalable and capable of HD HDR (HLG, Hybrid Log-Gamma).

Included with the camera is a 20x optical zoom lens that can be operated in either manual or servo zoom mode. The focus of the lens is strictly manual, and it features a macro function that can be engaged when the lens is at its widest focal length (8.2mm) and focus closer than half an inch away. The kit provides a 3.5″ color viewfinder sporting a 960 x 540 resolution, as well as a camera-mounted microphone.



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